Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tampa National Tax Day Tea Party

Hi TeaBagObama,

My name is John Hendrix. I am one the organizers for the Tampa's National Tax Day Tea-Party. My mobile is 803 571 1153. My email is jhendrix58@gmail.com

Our website is www.tampa-tea-party.com

We are having two Tea Party events on April 15th at the Lykes Park in Tampa.

Location: Lykes Park

Address: 410 N. Franklin St Tampa FL

Visit our website for maps to the event and to parking garages.

The times of the two events are as follows:

Noon event

Evening Event


12 noon

5 PM


2 PM

7 PM

As much as practical we desire want everybody to attempt to attend both events. We understand that some will be unable to attend both events. That is understandable.

Bring cameras and camcorders. We want to document this event. Bring signs.

We will have speakers.

All of my best,

John Hendrix

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  1. And we have a new video... though it pertains to ALL tea parties - not just Tampa:

    Please view and share!