Monday, March 23, 2009

Did You Get Your Bonus?

Hey everybody did you get that multi-million dollar bonus check? Oh wait no, you just get to pay for it. They wouldn't want the standard of living to go down for the YALE crowd so they're going to steal the food out of OUR children's mouths. WAKE UP AMERICA you are being financially raped by your elected officials who ONLY work for WALL STREET! Do you honestly think anyone in Washington could give a DAMN about what you think - If they did they wouldn't have passed the first bailout in September, of 08. Not only do they not care, they laugh at all of us for thinking that we would dare to talk back. We're funny to them, we're like a two year old at a party who tries to tell the parents that it's their bed time - everybody in Washington is laughing at you... "Oh... isn't it cute when they protest like that - go ahead and steal another trillion from their grandchildren then give them the bill, they'll pay it, they're pathetic. Oh, and to make it even more funny, set the next recovery bill to take effect on April Fools Day - and this time lets get some money for the hedge fund millionaires too."

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