Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kansas City Tax Day Tea Party

Hello Patriots,
As this is a true grassroots movement, it is all of our responsibility to get the word out about the Tax Day Tea Party to make this a successful event.  The questions have been coming in about how to help.  Here is your chance, the answers are below.  Go to the website and download the.pdf flyer in color, black and white and a template for cards the size of business cards. 
What you can do to help:
Post the color flyer at bulletin boards in businesses near you.  Ask the manager of the business if you can post the color flyer in the window of the door. (Eye level, facing inside the OUT door and outside of the IN door or in the windows next to the doors. Try not to block the cashiers vision to the outside in convenience stores.)
Leave copies of the black and white flyer.
Print the business card template on card stock or pre-perforated business card stock.  Cut down to individual cards leave them on business card wall or a few on the front counter of those who let you post flyers and pass them out to everyone you see where ever you go, the Grocery Store, Wal-Mart, Convenience Store and Malls etc... 
Make comments on the website, .  We need to move the website up in the search engines, and this is the way to do this.  An added bonus is that you can make contact with like-minded patriots in the area!
Join the Facebook Group( and Event (, and ask others to join as well. 
Invite others to attend and to get involved.
Invite your local and state elected officials.  This movement is an outpouring of our displeasure with irresponsible government spending.  Our government has grown too large and taxes too much.  We want our elected officials to hear us, and what better way than for them to be there to see and hear from us.
Email this to everyone on your list and encourge them to do the same..
If you don't want to use the ink in your personal printer make a copy of the flyer's and take them to your local copy shop. Business cards printed on pre-perforated card stock will be better printed by you.
Tax Day Tea Party Updates:
Darla Jaye, KMBZ 980, will be broadcasting live from our tea party!
Congressman Todd Tiahrt (KS) will be in attendance.  He is running for the open Senate seat in 2010.
Congressman Jerry Moran (KS) has been invited.  We are awaiting confirmation.  He is also running for the open Senate seat in 2010
Jason Klindt, Congressman Sam Graves' (MO) Communication Director will be in attendance.
Invitations have been extended to the Senators in both MO and KS.
Invitations will be extended to the remaining members of the Congressional Delegation of both states.
Thank you for your help,
Amanda Grosserode
Bob Ballard aka: Blind Mule
Iris James
Jane DeGisi
Leslie Schmidt
Jennifer Witt-Adank


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