Monday, May 4, 2009

Upcoming events

  • May 11th, 4-5:30 pm, Protest at the Overland Park, KS office of Congressman Dennis Moore and the Independence, MO office of Congressman Emaneul Cleaver.  Congressman Moore is suppose to be in his office that afternoon.  We don't have clear information about Congressman Cleaver's schedule, but staff should still be in the office to deliver our message.  There will be no speakers at either location.  Maps can be found on the website:  Bring your signs!
  • June 13th, Midwest Rally in Columbia Missouri.  This is an all day event to help promote the state fairtax being voted on currently in the MO legislature.  Speakers and special guests so far include: Joe the Plummer (Joe Wulzelbacher), Neal Boortz, Jon Linder, and Herman Cain.  American Majority will be doing activist training.  There will be break out stages with different speakers in between main speakers. No admission fee.  $25 per person to ride buses from the metro area.  Must be reserved soon, call 913-439-0757.  For more information about the rally and about what the state fairtax would mean, visit the FairTaxKC website: 
  • We are putting together a book club.  Details will be coming as soon as we have a meeting places. 
  • July 4th, more information to come!
  • Sept. 10-12, national tea party in Washington DC.

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    Amanda and Bob

    Complacency is the enemy.  Be educated.  Be aware.  Be involved.

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