Sunday, May 10, 2009


Hi everybody!
Well, the  next tea party event is planned for the 4th of July....
          The majority of the folks who responded to my last email were supportive of attending the Tea Party in Austin - to increase the size/impact of the event.  I believe it's planned for 2-4 pm at the Capitol building, with a fundraiser BBQ to follow, then fireworks will be at the lake that evening; 
We do want to have a local option for folks that can't go to Austin  - so we are working on having a local event as well. 
I want to thank everyone who helped make the first Tea Party such a great turnout;  I'd also like to introduce the new Tyler area Tea Party organizer, Darryl Roberts.  I want to thank Darryl for graciously offering to step in and take over from looks like I likely will be going overseas for work very soon and I needed to pass on the role to a new volunteer.  In order to ensure no one has their email address forwarded against their will, I am just going to list Darryl's email and ask that everyone contact Darryl directly and ask to be added to his contact list and offer any assistance you can contribute to the cause (so I am not speaking for/or volunteering anybody!)
Email for "darryl roberts" <>,
          I would love it if we could have some folks from our area join 'em!  We have one volunteer checking in to possibly chartering a bus to go to Washington DC.  More information to come...
Please forward questions on tea party plans to the new chief...
Stay strong Patriots!

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