Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Goose Stepping Anti-Fox Fascists

I can't help but feel that an overt bias against a particular source of news is an effort to get people not to look at it. It's like the good old boy lawyer who says "Don't go paying no attention to any of that there evidence that boy is trying to show you, he's just the town idiot." Well, I don't think I'm alone in thinking that the evidence or news that the powers that be do not want me to look at are exactly the sources which need to be considered. Goose stepping to the party line has never been for me.

Everything is available for anyone who chooses to look. For those who without medication are pathologically averse to anything reported by Fox News, you can generally get the same information from the Congressional Record or a multitude of other sources. The only problem is that it will generally not be fed to you on a spoon with your morning cup of talking points from the mainstream media.

It does seem very odd that if something is reported by Fox News there seems to be some segment of the population who immediately will put their hands over their ears, close their eyes, and start going LA LA LA LA LA - I can't hear you - LA LA LA LA LA... It's actually very bazaar behavior from people who otherwise would claim to want as much information as possible in order to draw some conclusion to what the truth may be.

Just in case you didn't figure it out yet... The bought and paid for corporate mainstream media are nothing more than a lobbying group for the New World Order. The only difference is that the mainstream media lobbies the public while other lobbyists lobby Congress - and any alternative media that does not subscribe to the Fascist talking points, or person who dares to present other information or a different opinion, will be attacked.

The funny thing is that the majority of people who do most of the attacking invariably fancy themselves as "Free Thinkers" when in fact they take their marching orders from the media elite as if they were uneducated hypnotized zombies.

I'm sorry if it comes as a shock to some of you, it should come more as an embarrassment, like waking up in a field with none of your clothes. But goose stepping in line with the mainstream media and parroting the talking points of the party in power hardly makes you any type of a rebel. If you were a German in 1939 you would be wearing a brown shirt and saluting the Fuhrer. You are completely owned, operated, and spoon fed your beliefs, all while being told you are a free thinker.

The truth really is that "Politically Incorrect" is the most politically correct show on television and the ultimate irony for the little prince's and princess's
who wake up one day to find they have no clothes, just like the king, is that the network they have been bashing so long, Fox News, is the actual politically incorrect source... Pssss - Here's a secret way to figure this out... If the President, both houses of Congress, and 98% of all media say one thing, and Fox News points out something different that the others don't want you to know about, but nevertheless proves to be true, guess who the alternative media is.

Believe it or not Fox News is the actual counterpoint and you're nothing but a goose stepping clone spitting the party line. Coasting through life with blinders on thinking that you can see, waiting for your feed bag every morning from the mainstream powers that be, and if you're a good little clone regurgitating what you've been told by MSNBC maybe a pat on the head from the master - or to quote a line from the movie "Babe"... That'll do Pig, That'll do.

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