Thursday, April 16, 2009

Phase Two... The Next Step

Let me begin by congratulating everyone for the extreme success of all tea parties. The estimates have been between 260,000 and 300,000 participants.

Now I have heard foolish people say that the original American revolution was solely about taxation without representation and therefore there could not be a second revolution because we are represented. In fact there were a multitude of issues that caused the original American revolution - The primary purpose being to ensure the blessings of liberty to the founders and to their posterity.

The issue of representation is equally obvious. If approximately eighty percent of the citizens tell their representatives NOT to pass any bailouts, and the representatives ignore the directives of the people and pass the bailouts anyway, THEN the people HAVE NOT been represented.

Which brings us to phase two...

In the past like minded citizens have sought to politically support candidates who held the most similar views to themselves at best, or the lessor of two evils at worst. The lessor of two evils has become much more common.

In their own interest dominant political parties have used their power whenever possible to stack the deck against anyone who might try to challenge their position or candidate by making the act of challenging a dominant candidate as difficult as possible. Third party contestants are easily dismissed.

There can be only one solution to all of the problems mentioned above, and that is to run our own candidates for every political office available.

As we have always stated this is not about left or right, straight or gay, Republican or Democrat. This new American Revolution will not be fought with violence but with peaceful protest, a common goal of legitimate representation of the people by the people, with the ballot box as the final judge of our success.

If we are in an area dominated by the Democrat party, our candidate will run as Democrat. If we are in an area dominated by the Republican party, our candidate will run as a Republican. We will make good use of the unbalanced playing field created by the dominant party wherever it may be and use that to our advantage.

The next objective that we must all have is to identify every political race that is not to late to enter, and every race coming up. If primaries are past, write in candidates will be used. Get the election rules and candidates guidebooks from every state. Identify who the dominant party is for every district we will run in because that will be the seat we will win. Ask for volunteers to run for office and most importantly - let your people know - this tea party has only just begun.

We can not lay down and allow our children to be sold into economic slavery by an unresponsive government.

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