Friday, April 17, 2009

Democrat vs democratic

There are two major political parties in the United States, the Democrats, and the Republicans - both parties are democratic. In our modern age of Orwellian wordplay you will often see the Democrat party referred to as the democratic party, you should respond to this with "Which democratic party." It may seem like nitpicking but in an Orwellian sense it is very important to not allow the usurping of important words. Imagine if you will a person who natively speaks a language other than English. If that person believes that America is a democracy, AND they like the idea of America being a democracy so much that they wish to immigrate to America, AND when they get here you ask them which political party they would like to be a part of - they will naturally want to choose a party that they feel is the democracy party. This is where Orwellian wordplay comes in. The unknowing immigrant will not understand that both parties are democratically elected, they will simply hear from unknowing or deliberately manipulative people that one party is republican and the other party is democratic - get it?

Obviously the United States is a republic and has never been a democracy but we have to keep it simple so as not to confuse the point. Therefore whenever you get the chance to correct the Orwellian wordplay of those who would refer to the Democrat Party as the democratic party - make sure to ask them which democratic party they are referring to.

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